Online Program - Panic Free 4ever

Who are you?

Fear engulfs you. Before you know it, you are back inside your self-talk stories creating the worst possible scenarios. They are so lifelike that you almost certainly know that you will not make it. You feel tremendous tension and this self-talk is rampant.

You notice the effect of the panic attacks in your daily life, as well.

For example:

  • You’re doing less and less in life, because you know that a panic attack may strike.
  • You are afraid of more and more situations.
  • You have already called in sick at work a number of times.
  • You withdraw more and more.
  • You feel alone.
  • You feel down.                                            

That the fear is there, you can’t change. That stories are popping into your head, you can’t change. But, you do have a choice on how you react to that fear and the stories. In our online program, you will learn how to make choices that will actually help you.

For the time being, you feel paralyzed and a victim of the situation. You are in a vicious cycle that seems impossible to break.

Do you recognize this feeling of desperation and have no idea what to do to prevent your life from being ruled by fear?

From my own experience, I know how anxiety and panic attacks can control your life. You are living from attack to attack. There is no fun in life. It’s only about surviving another day.

Your body responds to a trigger like a kind of alarm bell. The fear is stored in your body. If you don’t do anything about this, it will only get worse.

About the program

In our online program, you will learn how to make contact with your fear.

By the way, it does takes courage, because most people would prefer to run away from fear.
That’s why you can’t actually do this on your own.
In the program, you come into contact with others who are struggling with panic attacks, as well.

It helps enormously when you begin to experience that you are not alone and can find inspiration in how others deal with it.

What does this program bring you?
Our program will guide you in how to deal with panic attacks, so that they occur less and less frequently, and eventually disappear completely.
You learn how to deal with the fear of having those attacks.
If the fear fades into the background, more space will automatically appear for your own desires and needs. In short, you live the life you choose and desire.

Fear will no longer control your life … you will.

As soon as you experience more and more that you can make your own choices out of freedom and trust, there will be major benefits for you.

What does this program bring you?


You are more conscious, so that you;                                    

• can treat yourself and others with love
• can confidently make your choices
• can experience more inner peace
• know what is right for you
• know what you are good at and especially focuses on that
• you realize on a deeper level that you can really be yourself

Faith & Confidence

You have more confidence and feel more powerful, which gives you the ability to;

• stand up for yourself 
• experience more connection with others
• express your opinion in a calm manner in any type of conversation
• clearly state what your needs are
• be aware of your feelings
• take yourself seriously
• take responsibility for your own well being.

Love & Joy

You feel more satisfied and will have more joy for life, so you;

• experiencing more happiness, pleasure and harmony
• live more in the moment
• Experience more love for yourself and others
• are more creative
• are happier
• enjoy life more
• can handle setbacks better


It’s almost impossible to get rid of Panic Attacks on your own


The coaching sessions that I have followed with Mirjam is an experience that I will cherish forever. She gave me the feeling that I could tell my story very openly and freely, asking the right questions at the right times. She really held a mirror to me in a professional way. Mirjam can switch quickly and gives space for what is urgent. During each session there was a perfect balance between expressing feelings and going into them on a deeper level, resulting in practical advice to organize my thoughts. I still use the practical techniques she taught me when needed.



I am delighted to have created a solution that speaks directly to my mission- to guide and support people suffering from anxiety and panic attacks and to empower them to live the life they truly desire.